I would like to thank you for taking time to read my chapter.

My experience changed my life and has led me to where I am now. Maybe my experience will resonate with you on some level. After that event I was truly lost, the life I had always known just disappeared overnight.

I found my way back, I turned that pain into power, that sorrow into joy, that resilience into success.

You can too!

Elite Speaking Coach

I feel there is nothing special about me, I always had the power within me to break through barriers, yet at the time I wasn’t aware they existed within me.

Since that life changing event, the word resilience has a whole new meaning to me.

I feel I understand what you are going through, I’ve been there, in that place where you feel broken and scared, and I’ve come through the other side.

More Determined, Ambitious, than ever, when you go through an ordeal where you think you are going to die, in that very moment, when you wake up, you are so grateful it has ended and you are still breathing, your eyes are very much open, my experience also brought me opportunity and perspective, which made me take chances, make decisions I might not have, had it not of happened.

That night was a catalyst for change and change for the better.

What happened to me, helped me realise my purpose, now I get to help people for a living, I get to help them reach their own personal potential, which is unique for us all, help them go further, than they ever imagined possible.

How amazing is that!

Julie Francis

Julie Francis, Elite Speaking Coach

With almost three decades experience, speaking on stages around the world if I now apply all that I learnt. My journey is unique! starting on stage as a performer and entertainer, then behind the curtain as an event manger and now keynote speaker and coach, I feel as if I have come full circle.

It has given me the skills needed to be able to capture, increase impact as well as facilitate a range of audiences. 

My coaching clients have seen vast results, in transforming their career paths in a short space of time.

By helping business owners and individuals to find their voice and focusing on their audience. With my guidance the key takeaways from their presentations are clear and concise bringing their content to life, in turn has led to them making more money, my clients now have that dream job, their businesses are a success and making them impossible to ignore in their field.

If you too are looking for that transformation in 2024, lets together, make that happen, attention is the new leverage, Elite Speaking Coach can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Did you know that public speaking is the number one thing feared the most by people? I remember all too well what it was like to step back onto a stage in 2008, having been off one for many years, I was practically shaking before going on that stage, I felt sick, started to sweat, was convinced my mind would go completely blank, but now it feels like home again, and it will for you too.

Maybe you’re CEO, executive or entrepreneur,

that needs to make more impact in your business in these uncertain times, or maybe you are someone who just wants to connect better with your teams and build rapport? Being an affective communicator is the fastest way for people to know, like and trust you.

Maybe you need unstoppable confidence to be HEARD as well as seen, get that DREAM job; or promotion you have always wanted.

By knowing how to demonstrate the skill of Emotion, the most powerful skill on earth. When connecting to your audience through storytelling, this will elevate your results by allowing your connections to thrive and flourish, not only in business but your personal life too.

The faster you can learn this highly lucrative skill of public speaking, the more you earn, the more growth you will see as an individual, after all speaking is just words.

Maybe you are a business, who is looking for coaching for your communication teams. 

To inspire them to perform better together, create stronger relationships, and ultimately get more business, no matter your job title, we all need great communication to be able to succeed.

What needs to change now? What do you need to say Yes to?

Let 2024 be the beginning of the rest of your life!

We need leaders like you! People now more than ever are wanting to become those positive change makers; are you one of them?

Julie Francis Public Speaking

You are worthy of a voice! I am so excited to help you find yours.

Your future you, needs you to start TODAY!

YOUR VOICE can change lives, and help others, by using my tried and tested five step system.

Working Together, I can help get you there quicker, imagine a world where you no longer fear public speaking. I can’t wait to hear your voice, a world where women are ALWAYS heard. No one becomes an expert overnight; your voice matters and I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

So, what are waiting for! Click the link below to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation call, where we can discuss your needs, such as

2024 is your COME BACK YEAR!

What does the best year of your life look like?

Are you ready to be bold and brave?


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